Oracle updating records within same cursor

23-Dec-2017 15:32

meaning, the slowdown -- well, it is in the client, it is not asking us to do any, looking at that tkprof -- that "whatever" statement you have the report for runs instantly -- less then 5/1000ths of a second by the wall clock.It is a function of the size of the log buffer which you control. I understand the difference, however you said that the log posting waits can include both idle and non-idle conditions and can therefore be misleading.Does this mean that I'm going to get log file sync and log parallel write waits even if there is nothing wrong and it is just waiting for a checkpoint interval for example?I looked in the oracle8 Ref for a list of Oracle Wait Events. Log file parallel write is writing redo records to the redo log files from the log buffer. In this case, it means the database is not the bottleneck, its spent alot of time WAITING for you to tell it to do something.

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P2 blocks will be written to each log member, in P3 number of requests. If there were 2 requests, there would be two physical writes per log member. of log blocks will be divided up between the requests.It leads me to believe the coder only knew how to do row at a time processing, and doesn't do any bulk SET oriented operations.That is like the difference between going to the library and asking for War and Peace a page at a time -- making the librarian run back and forth and back and forth versus Asking for War and Peace -- one bulk operation....May 07, 2003 - am UTC sqlnet message from client means .....

we were sitting idle waiting for the client to bug us to do something.If so how big a Oracle buffer is used for each batch of logfile parallel write.

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