Dating vintage coleman lanterns

11-Sep-2017 12:34

The savvy shopper may get a good deal, if he knows what to look for.

Coleman is not the only name in camping lanterns—Kamplite, Nulite, Aladdin, Preway, Ash Flash, and Sunshine Safety are a few of the others—but Coleman is the big dog.

Coleman records indicate that they made their Model E stove from through John Stendahl, whose collection this is in, believes this is the earliest version of the E's.

The tank is still copper painted but is now seamed around the middle and made from two pressed pieces of steel.

LED lanterns run cool, last a lifetime and never need replacing. If you are not mechanically inclined or are in anyway uncomfortable with tinkering with a gasoline lantern or stove. The Base Camp has one of the largest range of liquid fuel stoves and lamps. My vintage 228E double mantle model had hung in an old building for probably 30 to 40 years.After a good exterior scrubbing and drying out, and a tank rinse with denatured alcohol, a new globe and mantles were all it took to get the lantern working again.Coleman's Model stove was only on the market for a couple of months before it was recalled due to problems with the circular generator which didn't vaporize fuel properly. This one, dated June '62, is in Jerry Engbring's collection.

Coleman redesigned the stove as Model A and changed the fuel flow so fuel now went first to the shut-off valve then the generator.

Originally sold in the early part of the 20th century to extend the work days of farmers, these gasoline-burning lanterns that were designed to bring light to rural communities were soon embraced by recreational campers.

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