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In South Suffolk, Clare Camp, formerly Erbury, may have been an iron age fort of the Trinovantes but no archeological evidence exists for this idea.

These people also had a settlement at Long Melford and this Stour Valley group looked to Camulodunum next to where Roman Colchester arose.

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A succession of coins manufactured by the tribes of Northern France was imported into south-east England beginning around this time for at least a hundred years.Julius Caesar led his first expedition to Britain, probably just after the Roman Empire began the conquest of Gaul.Julius Caesar wrote down his experiences in his book on the Gallic Wars, "De Bello Gallico".Although Caesar recorded Belgic raiders to England who may have settled there, it is now thought to indicate payments for military service, close cultural links and trading ties as well as gifts cementing political or social alliances across the Channel.

A few Iron age artefacts have been discovered in the area.There would seem to have been some connection between the two tribes at this time, but it became closer a few years later.

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