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Gathering her friends and family was a favorite pastime, whether it was for a birthday or just to “chill”.

At one point she was nicknamed the Native Martha Stewart and lived up to the title by hosting fabulous parties.

Jerry went on to work at the Salish and Kootenai College where he again excelled vibrantly at education.

During his time at the college, he loved giving support to those who were encouraged to receive their GED.

She was raised in California until she was eleven years old.

Her mother and two brothers moved to Ronan and lived out in Woodcock. She was very athletic and was one heck of a basketball player known for her tenacious defense and rebounding.

He attended Poly-Tec School in Portland, OR when he was very young. Later, he took up cabinet making and was drafted back into the Army and was stationed again on the Yalu River.

Her popularity was also evident when she was voted Ronan High School Prom Queen.