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This means the puppy/adult must have proven ancestry for a certain number of generations (usually 3) - this is their 'pedigree'.

In order for an animal to be shown it must be registered with the Kennel Club and have papers that detail the puppy’s ancestry.

There are heavily wrinkled Mastiffs and ones who are tighter skinned. Please don't judge the female too harshly if you are seeing her for the first time with her puppies - pregnancy and lactation take their toll on a bitch's physical appearance so rely on photos of her prior to giving birth!

If you want a working Mastiff – one who does the job of guarding and isn’t just a wrinkly face!

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) and make the necessary sundry purchases (dog crates/cages for travelling, bedding, worming treatments etc).

Pros: Easy coat care, highly intelligent, excellent guardian, gentle, rarely bark, affectionate and loyal.