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In 2011 she caused a sensation at the Sundance Film Festival with her beautifully nuanced performances in two independent films: Silent House, an American remake of a Uruguayan horror film; and the critically acclaimed drama Martha Marcy May Marlene, in which she played a girl who escapes a dangerous cult.Since then she has delivered equally deft performances in several less memorable movies (Liberal Arts and Red Lights, for example), but she reached a much wider audience with last year’s Godzilla remake, in which she played a young nurse and mother married to a military bomb-disposal expert, the film’s hero, played by Aaron Taylor-Johnson.“But I wouldn’t let him come [on] Martha Marcy May Marlene. He did end up seeing it with me but I could nudge him so he knew when to close his eyes.” • Elizabeth Olsen: a film career in pictures Olsen says she has always been a huge fan of the comic-book-superhero genre. Naturally, things go wrong and it is up to him and the other Avengers – including Thor (Chris Hemsworth), the Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson), Captain America (Chris Evans), Hawkeye (Jeremy Renner) and the Hulk (Mark Ruffalo) – to stop the supervillain Ultron (James Spader) from enacting his evil plan to wipe out the human race.

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“Aaron and I had just finished working with each other and we both got roles, so we were like, 'Are you going to do it? ’ 'Let’s do it.’ It was awesome working with him a second time.

If there were any question as to whether the actress Elizabeth Olsen remains in the shadow of her older sisters, Mary-Kate and Ashley, her role in the new Avengers film should put paid to that notion once and for all.

“To be part of a movie that’s as universal as Avengers is incredible,” she says when we meet at Café Gratitude in West Hollywood, a celebrity-favourite vegan haunt where the walls are decorated with vacuously upbeat LA phrases such as “I adore myself and everyone else” and “I know I am divine”.

“If anyone ever hacked my computer or i Pad, all they would find would be videos of me singing in my car – I lip-synch and send the videos to my friends.” She says that she has never been tempted to rebel, not even as a teenager. ’ I said, 'I’m sorry, I’m really insecure today.’ Even though I wasn’t.

I do realise there are other ways to go about saying something than throwing yourself under the bus and making yourself feel like an idiot, just so no one else feels bad.” • Age of Ultron - Is this the end of the Avengers as we know them?“There’s nothing weird, I think, about getting married.

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