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By his third year, Taichi decides to attend the same university as Inaba and plans on studying biological science.Unable to bear watching other people suffer, Taichi has stated he would rather endure the hardships of others in their place if he could.However, according to Yui, by Hito Random, he has stopped practicing.This article doesn't have any practical advice in it.Taichi is very fond of his friends and, in Asu Random I, he is shown to be afraid of losing his memories of the Stu CS and the phenomenons to Record Deletion.This causes him to become obsessively paranoid of losing his memories and even leads him to consider abandoning his classmates who have become trapped in the Isolation Dimension in order to ensure the personal safety of the Stu CS.Inaba has likened the severity of this trait to that of mental insanity.In Yume Random, Taichi's obsession resurfaces when he chooses to use the power Heartseed gave him to try to help as many people as he can.

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This trait has earned him the title "Selfless Freak" by Inaba.In Yume Random, Taichi states he wishes to "save the world" in the future and chooses to take Science courses.