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04-Dec-2017 23:32

I strongly suggest that before using the library in live project you visit the project website and read the documentation to be aware of other functionalities not covered in this article.

xml version="1.0" encoding=" UTF-8"? > <ehcache xmlns:xsi=" xsi:no Namespace Schema Location=" <default Cache eternal="true" max Elements In Memory="100" overflow To Disk="false" /> <cache name="message Cache" max Elements In Memory="10" eternal="true" overflow To Disk="false" /> <cache name="messages Cache" max Elements In Memory="10" eternal="true" overflow To Disk="false" /> </ehcache> [/xml] [xml] <bean id="cache Manager" class="org.springframework.cache.ehcache.

The documentation is intended as a overview guide through the functionality of cache2k and will help you discover every important feature.

At some points rationale or background information is given. You will find additional information in the API Java Doc, in examples, and in the test cases.

Results we wish to see: Using Ehcache Spring Annotations is straightforward.

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With a couple of simple steps you may introduce caching in your application.ehcache-spring-annotations – licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 – is a project that simplifies caching in Spring based application using popular Ehcache library.

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